Permanent registration


The practice has an open list and you are welcome to register. To register with the practice you must live within the practice boundaries, which are Greenock, Gourock, Port Glasgow and Wemyss Bay areas.

You are registered with the practice and not an individual doctor; therefore, you can see any of our doctors..

Once you have signed the registration document you will be required to make an appointment with the practice nurse for a medical assessment, then you will be asked to make a follow up appointment with the doctor if required. Failing to attend for these appointments within 7 days means we cannot register you and your registration declined.

Temporary Registration.

Temporary Residents

You are able to see a doctor anywhere in the UK if you are away from home and need medical assistance. We operate a rota at the Health Centre for patients wishing to be seen as a temporary resident. You must be residing in the area for not longer than 14 days, if you are staying in the area for longer then you must register with a G.P.

Where there is a need for special drugs to be prescribed we must have written evidence of their use.

Removal of Patients from practice list

The practice has implemented a zero tolerance procedure in regards to violent/abusive patients towards other patients and staff which is current NHS policy. Patients found to be behaving in a threatening manner, using obscene language directed at doctors and other staff, misuse of medication and chronic defaulters will be removed from the practice list.


The practice will notify the patient in writing that they have been removed from the practice list. The practice will inform the Health Board by letter and the patient has the right to be seen by the practice for a further 7 days from date of letter. It is then the responsibility of the Health Board to allocate the patient another G.P.