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FLU vaccines now available from  6th Oct 2017, book now !!!

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Flu vaccines are now available for patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, coad, heart disease, diabetes and for children aged 2-5 years who are not at school and all patients over 65yrs. please contact the surgery for an appointment.
Shingles vaccine : is you are aged 70-79 on the 1st september 2017 you may be eligible for this vaccine . If you are however 75 yrs old your vaccination will be NEXT year .


Going somewhere exotic ? Then make sure your a upto date on your vaccinations and have Malaria prophylaxis where appropriate. For more information see our Travel section . Some vaccinations carry a charge. It is important to start any vaccinations at least 6 weeks before travel. Please complete our travel clinic form 2-4 weeks before attending


Students undertaking a university placement for the first time and are under 25 then you are eligible for the Meningitis C vaccination . See our Practice Nurse for this.


See our Patient Information section for useful websites as well as practical information .


The practice this year will focus on the following cancer screening programs due to poor uptake by patients in recent years.

Breast cancer ages between 25-64yrs
Cervical screening over 18yrs
Bowel cancer 50-70 yrs.

The practice has posters and leaflets available . Use the links to get more information .


If you need Medical attention after Surgery Hours then Contact NHS 24 on 111. They will assess your needs and either direct you to a Chemist for minor ailments, an Out of Hours GP center or arrange a House call. If you are suffering from Severe Chest pain or breathing difficulties or other life threatening condition, then dial 999


REQUEST FOR LETTERS, REPORTS and College / University sick lines

Patients requesting letters of support, confirmation of your medical condition or visit to GP or medical reports or College letters will be charged a fee for this service as it is out with the NHS  service contract and  constitutes a private arrangement. Fees are available from Reception  . DWP appeals. Further support letters for an appeal are not carried by the practice as they already have a full report from us and the DWP will have carried out their own assessment. Should more information be required the DWP usually contact us for an addition report. Housing letters . The practice no longer issues letters of support for this. If the Housing Association requires confirmation of your health conditions they should write to us with your consent. Each housing association have their own rules regarding Housing allocation based on their assessment of your needs.and   College and University Students : Letters confirming attendance at the GP , or a  medical condition or sick note for missing time at college or university due to illness are chargeable as this falls outside the NHS General Medical Services contract regulations. It is also essential that we have seen you during your illness or we cannot issue a sick note. 


The practice encourages everyone to stop smoking. Currently the Health Board run Smoking Cessation classes to assist in helping people stop smoking. Smoking Cessation classes are 4 x more likely to help you stop than doing it alone. Call 501226 for further advice Programs run by the local Chemists involve using Nicotine Replacement therapy [NRT] to wean you of cigarettes . Your GP does not prescribe NRT as this you can get directly from your chemist free of charge. Please see your local chemist for all smoking cessation advice and prescriptions.


The practice is updating the ways it communicates with patients and therefore it is crucial we have up to date information on you. We appreciate mobile numbers change but we are not mind readers so please tell us to !. Our recall system uses TEXT messaging to let you know about various matters and to remind you of your appointments so we appreciate accurate mobile numbers or the message will not reach you . We are charged for this service even if the message does not reach you thus wasting valuable resources.


It is vitally important that our Staff are trained to a high standards and as such we hold monthly training sessions when the practice is closed for a period of time during an afternoon . In addition the Health Board run an area wide training day 4 times a year where all practices meet for specialist training. On these days we are closed from 1pm and the Out Of Hour Service cover the practice through NHS 24 on telephone number 111


booking online

You must be registered or have a letter from the practice to access this system

Now available online booking and online prescription ordering. Contact reception staff for details or check out our newsletter

NEW drug Driving Legislation March 2015

From March 2015 , New drug driving legislation will come into force in England and Wales. This will affect you only if are driving there. For more details visit the website below. https://www.gov.uk/drug-driving-law

Download Registration Form

If you wish to join the Practice , please download and complete the GPR  form and bring into the Surgery . We need one per person . click on link below :- http://www.sehd.scot.nhs.uk/publications/PatientsRegistrationForm.pdf

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